How to Rekey Kwikset SmartKey Door Locks

About Kwikset SmartKey

Since its introduction to the home improvement market in 2007, Kwiksets' Smartkey technology has greatly simplified the door lock rekeying process for builders, homeowners, and property managers around the world.  No longer were you required to hire a locksmith or have a specialized set of pins and tools to change keys.  All that was needed was the original key, a Smartkey Learn Tool, and the new key you were trying to change to.  Its a very effective solution to a common problem and has paid Kwikset massive dividends. 

This article will provide step by step instructions on how to rekey any SmartKey door knob, deadbolt, or door lever in a matter of minutes.

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Tools Needed for Rekeying

  • Original Key
  • Smartkey Learn Tool
  • New Keys (shop our precut keys here they are Smartkey Compatible!) 

Rekey Instructions

  1. Make sure your door handle or knob is in the locked position.
  2. Insert original key and rotate key clockwise 90 degrees.
  3. After rotating key 90 degrees, insert SmartKey Learn tool into the small slot next to the key hole.
  4. Press learn tool until you feel a click then remove the learn tool and the original key.
  5. Insert new key fully into the lock cylinder and rotate counter clockwise 180 degrees, then 180 degrees clockwise, and to complete back 90 degrees counter clockwise to the starting position.
  6. Congratulations, you have just rekeyed your lock!

Its really that simple!  It is very easy to rekey an entire home in minutes with this technology!  

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